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How add 1 user or 1 administrator on Flatpress ?
  • Hi, I've intention to add another user o a new administrator on my 2 website build with Flatpress, so it's possible to do that ?
    Or at least, add a new user so that he can write an article that later then I could publish on main page ?
    Or it's possible to have a plugin or implementation that can do that...........for example more adimistrators.

  • Please see the documentation.
    Are Multiple Users Supported
  • It IS possible to create a page with a form which will post an entry as a draft, so the administrator can edit/publish it at a time of their choosing.

    I made one once to allow other people to post vacancies to a kind of jobs board I was using FP for. It wasn't perfect (I had to manually include the categories check boxes in the form, for instance) but it worked.

    Is that what you're looking for? I have a copy of the old tpl file if this would help to get you started. The only thing to really watch out for when you do that is to always leave a dummy entry as a draft because once you publish all your drafts and clear out the drafts folder FlatPress actually deletes that folder and prevents your users from posting to it.  

  • I don't remember how the code worked, but maybe adding a dummy.txt file to the draft directory might work as well.
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