Using WinSCP for FlatPress Backup

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Using WinSCP for FlatPress Backup

Post by miksmith » Wed May 27, 2020 9:59 am

An FYI, in case it helps others. I’ve opted for a client-side approach for FlatPress backups with my tool of choice being the open source WinSCP. I’ve found WinSCP better than FileZilla, not least because it has reliably handled large file transfers and maintains the create dates of any files you transfer.

Of particular importance for automating FlatPress backup are directory synchronisation and scripting. In fact, the WinSCP GUI can generate the script for you based upon existing profile settings. For completeness this is the very simple script that I run:

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open ftp://<username>:<password>
lcd c:\mywebsitebackup
cd /
synchronize local -mirror
This opens a connection to the server, changes the local and remote directories before mirroring from the remote to the local. On Windows I can then schedule this to run as a daily task.

A good tool for the arsenal!

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