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Reconsider hosting on github?

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 8:36 am
by dsteuer
Hi all,

the latest happenings around youtube-dl shows all the problems with hosting on a monopoly-owned, US-based
service. Imho free software should run away from being dependent on decisions of those huge companies as fast as
possible. Personally I moved my projects away the day the MS aquisition of github was announced.

There is a very nice service in Germany for example which seems to resonate perfectly with FOSS.
(I'm in no way affiliated, I'm not even using it, cause I only found out about them recently and my projects have a home already :-) )
I'm sure there are others, may be better ones out there.

It's of course not my choice to make, but I'd like to see flatpress move to a "more free" environment!

Just my 2ยข.