How to use lightbox2

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How to use lightbox2

Post by randy » Sun Feb 16, 2020 8:13 pm

I'd like to add a lightbox for a gallery on my website. I see that FlatPress has a plugin, Lightbox2, in the list of standard plugins and on the plugin page it appears to have been activated by default. I can't find any information on how to use this plugin. Can someone point me to some instructions?

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Re: How to use lightbox2

Post by Tongara » Thu Feb 20, 2020 7:04 am

The homepage of lightbox2 is

That said, as someone who used lightbox and lightbox2 in many projects over time, I honestly found it far too outdated and limited, and after much research, I went ahead and started using fancybox instead.

You can check that out at

Imho, it's SO much better and customisable, not to mention easy to install and use right away. I hope the devs of Flatpress look into using it over lightbox2 in a future release of Flatpress.

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Re: How to use lightbox2

Post by Arvid » Thu Feb 20, 2020 7:30 pm


the Lightbox plugin integrates with the default BBCode element "img" and with the QuickGallery plugin (get it from our FlatPress extras repository).
Demo (given QuickGallery is installed and activated, the gallery has been created and images files have been uploaded):

Code: Select all

[img=images/someimage.jpg width=200]
[gallery=images/testgallery width=100]
Click on the single image to enlarge - or on a gallery image to enlarge and then browse the gallery with the arrow keys. Lightbox will only be present if you scale the images (with the "scale" parameter or, as in the example, "width"). See the BBCode documentation on our wiki for more details on the available parameters.

I for myself wasn't quite satisfied with Lightbox' presentation, especially on mobile devices. So I created the PhotoSwipe plugin which brings this great gallery slider to FlatPress. For more details, see the plugin's page on our wiki.

Let us know if that worked for you!

Tongara wrote: Thu Feb 20, 2020 7:04 amYou can check that out at
This looks really cool, indeed. No need to wait for the FP devs, though - gallery plugins are a great example for community-contributed FP plugins. Feel free to take a look into my PhotoSwipe plugin, and adapt it to Fancybox :)

All the best,

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