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Adding theme information to the wiki

Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2020 10:15 am
by dsteuer
Yesterday I downloaded Tongara's theme pack from!4hhAGa5Y!jyE-E3lxQeufWlND0R2Gwg .
All but one of the inlcluded themes worked out of the box in a prinstine flatpress install.

I'd volunteer to push infos about these packages to the wiki, but would like to discuss some details first:

a) Orphaned packages: Most (all?) of the packages above are no longer found at their originial web homes anymore. Should we simply host
the zips in the wiki, of course with attribution?

b) Whai info should be included with each package? Name, URL, tested with what flatpress version, needs GDPR cookie alarm :-), working or not, random notes if any. That is what pops up immediately. What else? JS-libs used? Screenshot?

c) What is a useful minimal test? I just switched from theme to theme, looked at the example page, logged in, logged out and that was it. Is there a minimal subset of flatpress functionality that should be checked?