The FlatPress Site Theme

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The FlatPress Site Theme

Post by NorfolkGreg » Fri Jan 08, 2021 5:52 pm

The FlatPress site seems to have a theme that includes a horizontal menu and side bar on desktop screens and a "hamburger" menu button with sidebar moved to the footer position on phones. I cannot find a similar theme available in the Wiki Is there one available. It's just what I would like!

I reckon I'm capable of editing the colour scheme and fonts (as I'm OK with HTML and CSS), but I'm a bit lost with PHP and Smarty - and it looks as if I may need those skills to move the "column" block above the "main" block using Smarty to do that!

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Re: The FlatPress Site Theme

Post by Arvid » Sat Jan 16, 2021 12:07 pm

In fact, it's the "FlatMaas" theme by drudo which evolved over the years. I planned to clean it up properly and put it on the wiki, but didn't manage to do so yet.
I attached it, feel free to adapt and rework. Please be aware it might contain unused code and images. Also, the admin area is a little buggy, e.g. on the widget page.

The horizontal menu is done hard-coded in header.tpl. This is just a temporary solution and should better be done with a blockparser widget in the top area, displaying the static "menu" page (see below). I never found the time to fix the CSS to have that looking good, so for now I just go with plain HTML.

Hope that helps you :)

All the best,

My "menu" page:

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[*][url=]Deutsch [img=images/de.png][/url]
Theme of as of Jan 2021.
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Re: The FlatPress Site Theme

Post by NorfolkGreg » Thu Jun 17, 2021 4:01 pm

Apologies for the very long delay in thanking you! As you'll have seen from my further cluster of posts, I'm back exploring FlatPress.

I take some consolation because, as I write, it's been downloaded 52 times, so I'm sure have prove useful for others too.

I shall now download it myself to see how it works and how I might tinker with it.

Thanks again for making it available.

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