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Arvid's FlatPress

Post by Arvid » Fri Apr 17, 2020 12:45 pm

Hi alltogether,

to open up the brand our new "Show off" section, I took over my show off posting from the old support forum. I posted it there in April 2013, some of my enhancements have moved to the FP standard in between.

I hereby proudly present my blog "Ruhrpott-Tourenbuch" at :)
This is the place where I collect my bike tours in the German Ruhr area - which used to be dusty and industrial for decades. But these times are gone, now the Ruhr area is very green and a great place to cycle. I love it :)

I enhanced some features in FlatPress which I'd like to share with the community. Maybe it inspires someone to tweak their own FlatPress installation - feel free to ask me for further details and codes of the individual functions!
  • The desktop theme is a slightly altered "TerraFirma".
  • The mobile theme is "iMobile" by Lantaca Ucasi.
  • Archives plugin (left side at the bottom of the page): A few lines of JavaScript and CSS take care that just the current year will initially be expanded. Would be too large otherwise.
  • LastEntries plugin: It's used twice (just by copy&rename) - on the right side it shows the last five, at the bottom of the page the last ten entries.
  • Images and galleries are displayed with the PhotoSwipe plugin. Check out the cool swipe functions on your mobile gizmo!
  • CustomBBCode plugin: I added some helpful BBcode tags as excellently described at
    One example was the mail tag. It contains a mail adress obfuscation which protects from spammers. It is already part of the default BBCode tag set.
  • Entry editor: Images and attachments are sorted by name, not by upload date. I also added custom BBCodes and some eye candy to the BBCode toolbar.tpl - looks much more fancy with graphical icons :) (These also have been taken into the FP standard yet.)
All the best,
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🇩🇪 Habe aktuell für meinen Arbeitgeber hier im Ruhrgebiet eine Stelle zu besetzen! 🇩🇪
- Softwareentwickler (Webanwendungen) - unbefristet, sofort

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