Three responsive themes still working (29.12.2019)

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Three responsive themes still working (29.12.2019)

Post by dajare » Sun Dec 29, 2019 9:48 pm

I've been through quite a few of the themes in the wiki to see which ones might still be useful to me. (Others still "work", of course). These are they:

1. Flatread by Marc Thibault


2. Greymatter by Marc Thibault


3. FP Skeleton by Mithat Konar


The fact that they all have live easily accessible repositories is a big help! Nice to have these available as FlatPress gathers momentum once again.

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Re: Three responsive themes still working (29.12.2019)

Post by Arvid » Sun Jan 12, 2020 3:51 pm

David, thanks for pointing out the "good" themes. In fact, many of the themes on the wiki aren't accessible any more. This is very odd especially for new users.

I already reworked the plugins page completely. Instead of having the details of all plugins on one single wiki page, I created one page for each plugin. The plugin page itself is now just a list of links.
The former contents of the plugins page has been moved to the legacy plugins page. Checking each plugin listed there for being accessible and working with the current FlatPress version is on my task list. This will propably include contacting the original plugin author if it's sensible to take over the plugin into the FlatPress project (and thus, the flatpress-extras repository).

The contents of the themes page will have to undergo the same procedure. Also on my list - any help is appreciated!

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