Migrate contents to current FlatPress version

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Migrate contents to current FlatPress version

Post by ebal » Wed Nov 16, 2022 2:07 pm

Hi all,

I have an old flatpress instance that I would like to migrate/upgrade to the latest version (at some point) and to another distro.

In my flatpress blog, I have done a lot of custom work in the php -ignoring all the advises from my future self- and thus at the moment the upgrade instructions does not work out of the box. I have extended the engine to support markdown, I have done some magic that I really do not remember what, I have updated some key elements but not all. As I said, I had a lot of free time back in the days when I was younger. In some posts I have bbcode, In some markdown, in others both (yes both, bbcode + markdown, I know!) and I also have microblogging posts from identica and some other services that I do not use at the moment.

I am looking for an exporter of some kind that I can export ALL by articles/posts in markdown, remove whatever I do not need from back 2009 -when I had still some black hairs in my head- as they are more than 2100 articles there (I think, I may grep/count something wrong) , create a new-fresh-clean instance and then copy the articles in markdown in the correct directories.

I know , that is I still keep my old blog flatpress instance.
But Can this be done somehow ?

PS. My php knowledge at the moment is near php3,php5 and I have almost forgot most of it !!!

thanks in advance, plz keep up this great project.
evaggelos balaskas

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Re: Migrate contents to current FlatPress version

Post by Arvid » Fri Nov 18, 2022 7:42 pm

Evaggelos, welcome to the FlatPress support forum :)

I felt free to create a dedicated topic for your question, since you may not be the only one having it.

I would simply try to set up a new FlatPress instance, and replace its fp-content folder with the one from your old instance. The internal formats haven't changed for ages, this should simply work.
As for the Markdown issue: The Markdown plugin supports BBCode and Markdown in peaceful coexistance. Does this work for your old entries properly?
I see the biggest potential for problems in your theme and plugins; I'd recommend to stick with the default theme "Leggero" at first. When you successfully migrated your contents, you can then try to get your old theme running in the current FlatPress (and PHP!) version. Check our wiki for current versions of the plugins you utilize in your old blog instance.

Hint for advanced users: Even if not released finally, you may want to do your migration with the latest development version of the upcoming FlatPress version 1.3. From 1.2 to 1.3, we jump from Smarty 2 to Smarty 4, which may make quite some work on your theme and plugins necessary (see this wiki article for detailled information). Having migrated to 1.3 already could spare you some work later.

And although I assume that you, ebal, of course know this, I would like to say it again clearly for all of you reading along: Before doing anything of the above, be sure to have a full backup of your productive FlatPress installation. See our wiki on how to backup FlatPress.

Evaggelos, let us know how everything works out! (Just out of curiosity: Which FlatPress version are you running currently?)

All the best,

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